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    UBC Theatre & Film presents HAPPY DAYS by Samuel Beckett

    A Human Comedy on the Slope of Existence.

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    Directed by gerald vanderwoude

    mfa directing alumnus

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    starring alumni Beverly Bardal & Joe Procyk

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    Sept 27-30, 2017

    Frederic Wood Theatre, UBC



Directed by MFA Directing Alumnus Gerald Vanderwoude

– A Human Comedy on the Slope of Existence

Gerald Vanderwoude directs Beverly Bardal and Joe Procyk in the 19th annual fundraising UBC Theatre Alumni event, supporting the Peter Loeffler student scholarship fund.

Exploring the complexities of relationships, this absurdist piece pares them down to their most essential and raw. Beckett’s poetic use of language and form transport the characters of Winnie and Willie in his bitingly funny, often bittersweet play.

Come for the theatre, stay for the post-show frivolities with cake, champagne and bubbly discussion to follow each performance.

Media Requests:

Andrea Rabinovitch
Office: 604.822.3723, Cell: 604.314.3905

September 27-30, 2017.  7:30 pm

Frederic Wood Theatre
6354 Crescent Rd.
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CANADA
Wayfinding: http://www.maps.ubc.ca


7:30 pm
General Admission


Students: $10, Adult: $15
Box office: 604.822.2678, box.office@ubc.ca or ubctheatretickets.com


Gerald Vanderwoude


Gerald Vanderwoude began his time at UBC in the MFA Directing program on August 15th, 1989.  He currently holds the dubious distinction for the longest MFA in the Faculty of Arts-- ten years less one day.  He received his degree (MFA Directing) in 2000.  He was initially hired at UBC as the Box Office Clerk in 1996, promoted to Manager of Audience and IT support in 2000 and eventually Administrator of the Department of Theatre, Film and Creative Writing (now Theatre and Film) in 2006.   He served as Administrator for seven years before becoming Assistant Dean of Facilities and Human Resources in the Faculty of Arts.  He has directed over 25 Beckett productions during his time at UBC. 

Gerald Vanderwoude completed his Masters in Direction in 2000, his thesis production was Samuel Beckett’s Endgame.  Since that time, he has directed over 25 individual Beckett productions in addition to the world premier of Dr. Errol Durbach’s adaptation of Ibsen’s, The Master Builder. He was a close personal friend of the late Dr. Peter Loeffler and continues to support the theatre prize in Peter’s name.  Gerald currently serves as the Assistant Dean, H.R. and Facilities for the Faculty of Arts.


Peter Loeffler

Professor emeritus, Department of Theatre and Filmpeter loeffler

Peter Loeffler began teaching at UBC in 1972 for thirty years taught theatre history to undergraduate and graduate students. His Introduction to Theatre course inspired first-year students to appreciate the power of theatre and its importance. He was a dedicated mentor for countless students from all specialties within the Department of Theatre. Peter passed away on January 18, 2002 after a short battle with cancer.

HAPPY DAYS honours Peter Loeffler’s love of avant-guard theatre and all proceeds go to his Memorial Fund.

Peter LOEFFLER Memorial Prize(s)

A prize has been endowed by family, friends, colleagues and students in memory of Peter Loeffler, who dedicated his life to theatre. The award is offered to an undergraduate student majoring in Theatre. The award is made on the recommendation of the Department of Theatre and Film.

Bio and podcast: http://archive.theatre.ubc.ca/podcast_whos_there_2012.shtml



HAPPY DAYSdesign portfolio




THE CAST & creative team

Alumna Beverly Bardal
Alumnus Joe Procyk

Gerald Vanderwoude  Director
Jon Tsang Stage Manager

Theatre & Film Administration:

Stephen Heatley Department Head
Cam Cronin Administrator
Ian Patton  Academic Administrator
Andrea Rabinovitch Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Karen Tong Theatre and Film Studies Graduate Secretary
Zanna Downes Theatre and Film Production Graduate Secretary
Borja Brown Technical Theatre Production Manager
Tony Koelwyn Box Office
Jim Fergusson Stage and Lighting Specialist
Keith Smith Stage and Lighting Specialist
Lynn Burton Properties Specialist
Jodi Jacyk Costume Specialist
Jonathan Wood Graphic Design
Sarah Crauder Film Program Administrator
Stuart McFarlane Film Equipment Manager
Jonathan Wood ProductionPoster Design
Linda Fenton Malloy Department & Production Website