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Directed by Final Year MFA Directing Student Lauren Taylor

– Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information Explores What It Is To Be Human.

In a series of tantalizing vignettes, over 100 vibrant characters search for meaning in their lives. Through sex, death, feeling, thinking, taxidermy and karaoke, they discover each other. Within their intimate whispers, philosophical exchanges and life-changing revelations, we see ourselves and the people that we love.

Caryl Churchill is one of the world’s foremost living playwrights. Since the 1950s, she has maintained inventiveness and a currency that remain unmatched. In Love and Information, her signature wit and profound intuition reveal a kaleidoscope of human connections.

MFA Directing candidate Lauren Taylor hails from Melbourne, Australia, where she received her Graduate Diploma in Theatre Directing from the Victorian College of the Arts after receiving her Bachelor of Arts from LaTrobe University (Drama & English). She is also an alumna of the Lincoln Centre Director’s Lab (New York). With extensive experience as a Director/Dramaturge in new play development, she has worked at the Royal Court Theatre Young Writer’s Programme (London, England). She has twice directed Wal Cherry Award winning plays for Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne and won several Fringe and Summerworks awards in Toronto.

Performances Wednesday-Saturday
Preview: January 18
Opening Night Reception: January 19
Alumni Night + Post-Show Talkback-January 25

We are pleased to announce that on Saturday, January 21, we will provide two interpreters to sign the show for Deaf audience members.

Media Requests:

Andrea Rabinovitch
Office: 604.822.3723, Cell: 604.314.3905

January 19-February 4, 2017. 7:30 pm

Frederic Wood Theatre
6354 Crescent Rd.
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CANADA
Wayfinding: http://www.maps.ubc.ca


7:30 pm
General Admission


Adult: 24.50, Senior: 16.50, Student 11.50

Box office: 604.822.2678, box.office@ubc.ca or www.ubctheatretickets.com

Theatre Director Lauren Taylor

Theatre DirectorLauren Taylor

Love and Information

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Lauren trained at the Victorian College of the Arts gaining a Graduate Diploma in Theatre Directing working with Richard Murphet, Lindy Davies, Robert Draffin and Lorna Marshall. She also has Bachelor of Arts from LaTrobe University (Drama & English). Lauren has extensive experience as a Director/Dramaturge in new play development as Literary Associate at Playbox Theatre Company (now Malthouse, Melbourne); directing for the Australian National Playwrights Conference; Interplay International Young Playwrights Conference; and the Banff Playwrights Colony, as well as assisting playwright Simon Stephens at the Royal Court Theatre Young Writer’s Programme (London). Lauren is also an alumna of the Lincoln Centre Director’s Lab (New York). With directing credits including plays by Christos Tsiolkas (The Slap), Patricia Cornelius, Tracey Rigney, John Donnelly, Joanna Murray-Smith and Nicolas Billon, she has twice directed Wal Cherry Award winning plays for Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, won several Fringe and Summerworks awards in Toronto, and is thrilled to now call Vancouver her home.

Love and Informationdesign portfolio

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advance photos:
Love and Information

L-R: Daniel Curalli, Gabrielle Backerma, Heidi Elric, Tai Amy Grauman, Louis Lin. Photo: Emily Cooper

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EDITOR: Turner Stewart

Edited by: Film Production BFA Turner Stewart of CyberCraft Video Productions



Love and InformationTHE COMPANY

THE CAST & creative team


Natalie Backerman  Fan, Depression, Wedding Video, Piano, Genes, Censor, Chinese Poetry
Daria Baru  Remote, Depression, Flashback, Genes, Shrink, Earthquake, Small Thing
Riley Bugaresti  Census, Fired, The Child Who Didn’t Know Fear, Depression, Genes, God, The Child Who Didn’t Know Sorry, Fate, Facts
Daniel Curalli  Lab, Recluse, Wedding Video, Piano, Genes, Children, Wife, Virtual, Facts
Heidi Elric  Mother, Recluse, Wedding Video, Genes, Depression, Shrink, The Child Who Didn’t Know Pain, Stone
Seamus Fera  Census, Sleep, Spies, Recluse, Savant, Genes, Depression, Earthquake, Facts
Tai Amy Grauman  Remote, Message, Spies, Wedding Video, Genes, Depression, Rash, The Child Who Didn’t Know Sorry, Grief
Bronwyn Henderson  Lab, Affair, Terminal, God’s Voice, Genes, Sex, Climate, Depression, Facts
Sarah Jane  Secret, Mother, Schizophrenic, God’s Voice, Memory House, Genes, Censor, Depression, Fate
Olivia Lang  Depression, Star, Genes, Maths, Climate, The Child Who Didn’t Know Pain, Manic
Louis Lin  Sleep, Message, Wedding Video, Genes, Linguist, Depression, Children, Decision, Virtual
Stefanie Michaud  Secret, Affair, Grass, Depression, Dinner, Genes, God, Wife
Sachi Nisbet  Fan, Depression, Savant, Piano, Genes, Rash, Stone
Taylor Scott  Depression, Dream, Ex, Genes, Children, Decision, Facts
Shona Struthers  Fired, Schizophrenic, Flashback, Dinner, Genes, Depression, Grief
Sabrina Vellani  Irrational, The Child Who Didn’t Know Fear, Memory House, Genes, Linguist, Depression, Manic
Jed Weiss  Torture, Irrational, Grass, Dream, Depression, Genes, Sex, The Child Who Didn’t Know Sorry, Chinese Poetry
Aidan Wright Torture, Terminal, Star, Ex, Genes, Maths, Small Thing


Lauren Taylor  Director
Stefan Zubovic  Lighting and Projection Designer
Ryan Yee  Lighting Assistant, Head Electrician, Light Board Programmer 
Vanka Salim  Assistant Lighting Design
Vanessa Tang  Light Board Operator
Sophie Tang  Assistant Projection Design 
Ashley Kim  Sound Board Operator 
Sophie Tang  Set and Projection Designer
Gwendolyn Loi  Assistant Set Designer
Alaia Hamer  Costume Designer
Patricia Jiang  Assistant Costume Designer
Nicolette Szabo  Assistant Costume Designer
Edward Dawson  Sound Designer
Sammie Hatch  Assistant Sound Designer  
Winnif Ngai  Assistant Sound Designer 
Edward Dawson  Composer
Sarah Jane, Shona Struthers,Taylor Scott  Singers
Amanda Parafina  Stage Manager
Sony Tsai  Assistant Stage Manager 
Felicia Zaini   Assistant Stage Manager
Aliya Khan, Linh Le, Yuyu Ogido, Michelle Olson, Lukya Rong, Talia Chang, Alice Jiang, Fiona Leung, Esther Sentoso, Aya Yuhara Show Run Crew
Madeleine Molgat Laurin Props Run Crew Head
Talia Chang Costume Run Crew Head
Alice Jiang, Fiona Leung, Ester Sentoso, Aya Yuhara 
Costume Run Crew

Stephen Malloy  MFA Directing Advisor
Brad Gibson  Voice Coach
Cathy Burnett   Movement Coach
Marijka Asbeek Brusse  Stage Management Advisor 
Robert Gardiner  Scenery and Lighting Design Advisor
Jacqueline Firkins  Costume Design Advisor
Carey Dodge  Sound Design Advisor
Brad Powers  Technical Production Advisor
Jay Henrickson  Production Manager
Jim Fergusson  Technical Director
Keith Smith  Head Carpenter
Lynn Burton  Head of Props
Kanon Hewitt, Jessica Warren Props Work Study
Diane Park  Co-head of Costumes
Heather Young  Co-head of Costumes
Alaia Hamer, Linda Yang  Costume Work Study


Chloe Wai
Duston Baranow-Watts
Kimira Bhikum
Erika Champion
Talia Chang
Alaia Hamer
Kanon Hewitt
Mai Inagaki
Alice Jiang
Patricia Jiang
Aliya Khan
Fiona Leung
Gwendolyn Loi
Madeleine Molgat Laurin
Mia Nikoo
Evan Ren
Jessica Routliffe
Esther Sentoso
Nicolette Szabo
Vanessa Tang
Sony Tsai
Chloe Wai
Jacqueline Wax
Nicole Weismiller
Cora Wu
Aya Yuhara


Ofir Ovadia, Simran Dale


Stephen Heatley  Department Head
Cam Cronin  Department Administrator
Ian Patton  Academic Administrator
Zanna Downes  Theatre and Film Production Graduate Secretary
Karen Tong  Theatre and Film Studies Graduate Secretary
Jay Henrickson  Manager, Technical Theatre Production
Jim Fergusson  Stage and Lighting Specialist
Keith Smith  Stage and Lighting Specialist
Lynn Burton  Properties Specialist
Kanon Hewitt, Jessica Warren  Properties Work Study
Jodi Jacyk  Head of Wardrobe, Costume Specialist
Alaia Hamer, Linda Yang  Costume Work Study
Tony Koelwyn  Theatre at UBC Box Office
Andrea Rabinovitch  Marketing and Communications Coordinator 
Linda Fenton-Malloy  Web Designer
Sarah Crauder  Film Program Administrator
Stuart McFarlane  Film Equipment Manager
Richard Payment  Visual Resource Librarian

Jonathan Wood  Graphic Designer
Emily Cooper  Advance Promotional Photography
Javier Sotres  Dress Rehearsal Photography