Image "Eddy" by Stephen Malloy

"Under the direction of  Zaib Shaikh, this is an excellent, fast-paced production..." 
Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

"...exciting young actors...Director Zaib Shaikh deserves accolades..."
Jane Penistan, The Review Online

"...the actors move with the precision of Noh performers..."
Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

".....Steven Berkoff on Greek from The Theatre of Steven Berkoff, by Stephen Berkoff, 1992......

Greek was my love poem to the spirit of Oedipus over the centuries. I ransacked the entire legend. So this is not simply an adaptation of Sophocles but a recreation of the various Oedipus myths which seemed to apply, particularly to a play about what I saw London had become. London equals Thebes and is full of riots, filth, decay, bombings, football mania, mobs at the palace gates, plague madness and post-pub depression.

The play dealt with the idea of an emotional, social plague apart from the actual biological one - that  I saw was eating away at the heart of this nation. It was staged simply in the usual stripped-down style I would, for want of a better term, call functionalist. The actorsí white faces were like masks of Greek statues. The table became a stage in itself and the family the Greek Chorus for each other and also playing all the roles. Barry Philips played the Eddy/Oedipus role and did it with brilliant, laconic humour. Matthew Scurfield's Dad was a tour de force of the first order, while Linda Marlowe played Jocasta/Wife as perfectly as I would dare hope, giving the lines full meaning and emotion. Greek came to me via Sophocles, trickling its way down the millennia until it reached the unimaginative- wastelands of Tufnell Park - a land more fantasized than real, an amalgam of the deadening war zones that some areas of London have become. It was also a love story."

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