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In Village of Idiots playwright John Lazarus adapts several Jewish folktales to tell the story of Yosef, a deserter from the Russian army who collapses in the Polish village of Chelm. As an outsider he marvels at the idiotic but innocent antics of the townsfolk and discovers that his new life has an uncanny resemblance to his old one.

The Department of Theatre, Film and Creative Writing was pleased to donate the proceeds from the opening night performance of John Lazurus' Village of Idiots to the UBC Community's fundraising campaign to provide assistance to communities affected by the South Asian Tsunami Disaster. We are happy to report that a total of $1,750 was raised opening night. Thank you to everyone for their support and generosity.

Village of Idiots
by John Lazarus
Directed by: Aaron Caleb, MFA Candidate
Frederic Wood Theatre
January 20 - January 29, 2005, 7:30 p.m.